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Prisha Illuminations considers privacy protection very seriously and we established the most eminent standards in this regard. We appreciate the trust you lay in us. Please read through our privacy policy. Prisha Illumination located at FF-1/2, Maruti Arcade, Shivranjani Cross Roads, Satellite, Ahmedabad- 380015, and the website is accountable for the use and protection of your personal data and, as such, we notify you the following:


You may browse this website and access the product catalogue without revealing your personal information. Notwithstanding the preceding, in order to have admittance to certain services, you must sign up using the online registration process, in which you will require to provide ID and other contact details.

In case you choose to sign up with us and provide such personal information, you are consenting to the transfer and deposit of such information in our servers.

The main objective of obtaining personal information is to be able to: Personalize, measure, and improve our services, content, and marketing purposes. Also, to inform you of news concerning administrative matters, new products or to offer services, and other relevant communications about the use of our Website, as well as to carry out targeted marketing exercises and hold sales based on your preferences.


By signing up, we are authorized to accumulate the following personal information:
Full name.
Moreover, any other details regarding your interaction with our Website, services, content and ads, including computer or connection information, statistics on website visits, IP addresses and information provided in the system, traffic to and from other websites, will be collected and stored safely.

Prisha Illumination neither collect nor treat sensitive data. If you want to cease authorizing the handling of your personal data for purposes of quality measurement, marketing, and advertising, simply execute the Opt-out option, as described below.

In Prisha Illumination, we do not sell or lease your personal information to third parties for the goals of marketing without your express consent. Prisha Illumination may partake analytical information of the users to describe our services to actual or potential clients or partners, advertisers or other third parties, but such data shall not implement any specific information that may identify a user.

We use “cookies” (which are small files deposited in your hard drive) on particular webpages in order to help asses traffic on our Website, personalize services, content, and ads; measure our advertisement effectiveness and strengthen trust and security. Some essential things you should know about cookies are:

  • We offer specific features that are only available when cookies are used.
  • We use cookies in order to distinguish you and keep you registered on the Website;
  • Almost all cookies are “temporary files”, in the perception that they are automatically deleted from the hard drive when you sign out, and
  • You may, at any time, reject the use of our cookies when such is allotted by your browser but, by doing it, you will interfere with the use of some of our services.


You are authorized to know which personal data we have of you, for which persistence it is used and the contingencies of use (Access). Besides, you are entitled to inquire a modification of your personal data in case it is outdated, incorrect or inadequate (Rectification); for us to exclude it from our records or databases when you consider it is not being managed appropriately (Cancellation); and oppose the use of your personal data for explicit purposes (Opposition). Submit the corresponding application at


This privacy policy may undergo changes, alterations or updates originating from new legal requirements, our own requirements for products or services provided along with our privacy disciplines, variances in our business model, or otherwise. We agree to keep you notified of changes or updates to this privacy notice by means of our Website.

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